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Web Developer & Creative
I'm 36 and from 'Farnborough' - , Hampshire, South East (UK)
I'm looking for a woman
I'm interested in: Friends, Social Networking, Romance, Short Term Relationship or Long Term Relationship
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Ready to Find My Soulmate
I am a kind-hearted, adventurous, and passionate individual looking for my soulmate. I believe in honesty, communication, and building a strong foundation for a healthy and loving relationship. I am open to trying new things and am eager to share my interests and experiences with someone special. If you are ready to take the next step in finding love, let's get to know each other and see where things go.
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Basic Info
Marital Status Single
Has Children No
Would like children? Yes
Hair Color None Selected
Height 6' 4'' (1.93m)
Religion Atheist
Smokes No
Dietary Preferences No Restrictions
Star Sign Capricorn
Orientation Straight
Heritage Other ethnic group
Education Undergraduate Degree
Eye Colour None Selected
Body Type A little curvy
Politics Centre
Drinks I like to party!!
Like Animals None Selected
I am a website developer, artist, YouTuber and writer. I enjoy the problem-solving and creative aspects of my job, and I am constantly learning and staying up to date with the latest technologies in my field. In my free time, I enjoy learning, eating out and growing my skills and knowledge.
I have a degree from London South Bank University and enjoy reading and listening to audiobooks on a wide number of subjects.
Atheist but I enjoy reading and learning about faiths.
As a centrist, I believe that the best solutions to problems often come from a balanced approach that considers multiple perspectives. I believe in the importance of individual liberty and personal responsibility, but also recognize the need for a strong and supportive government that protects the welfare of its citizens. I believe in the importance of finding common ground and working towards compromise, rather than allowing political divisions to hinder progress.
Languages Spoken:
French, Japanese, Spanish, I love languages and have a very basic understanding of the above. I'm still learning.
Musical Instruments played:
Drums, Piano, Ocarina, Digital music.
Music Enjoyed:
Classical, Drum'n'Bass, Folk, Heavy Rock, Hip Hop, Opera, Rap, Soft Rock, Techno, 90s music
Sports and exercise:
Cycling, Gym, Shooting, Swimming, T'ai Chi, Yoga
Interests and activities:
Art, Chess, Computers, Computer games, Cooking, Nightclub, Eating Out, Gardening, Meditation, Painting, Photography, Politics, Pubs, Reading, Shopping, Theatre, Travel, TV, Writing, Yoga
Animals and Pets:
I have three dogs and four cats that bring so much joy and love to my life. My cats are just as lovable and bring their own flair to the household. I am so grateful to have these precious fur babies in my life, and they truly make every day brighter.
Newspapers and magazines:
Ecologist, Economist, Financial Times, New Scientist, Private Eye, Telegraph
C. S. Lewis, J K Rowling, Stephen King, Terry Pratchett
Favourite Films:
Fight Club, Forrest Gump, Monty Python, The Matrix, Withnail and I, 2001
Enjoyable evening out:
Art Gallery, Cinema, Live Music, Musical, Nightclub, Pub, Restaurant, Theatre, Wine bar
Favourite Dishes:
A Chinese banquet, Chicken Tikka, Fish and Chips, Large Burger and double fried chips, Smoked Salmon, Steak and chips, Thai Green Curry
Ideal Holiday:
Backpacking in the Himalayas, Disneyland, Driving across the US, Lying on a beach in the Caribbean, Whitewater rafting in the Rockies
In another life:
Dr Doolittlle, Einstein, Gandhi, Neil Armstrong, a cat, a dolphin, a tree, an artist
Affectionate, Adventurous, Ambitious, Aware, Caring, Cautious, Cheerful, Confident, Courageous, Considerate, Creative, Different, Disorganised, Dominant, Eccentric, Extrovert, Friendly, Generous, Gregarious, Imaginative, Independent, Intellectual, Loving, Mad, Modest, Reliable, Sensual, Sociable, Strong, Thoughtful, Tolerant
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