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I'm 40 and from 'Gerrards Cross' - London
I'm looking for a woman
I'm interested in: Long Term Relationship
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Slightly eccentric mathematican with an interest i
I am generally quiet and fairly serious, but passionate about subjects which really excite me!

By profession I am a mathematician working in industry and while I enjoy my work, I do not live for it as I find far too many things to interest me outside of work.

I enjoy a wide variety of music and like attending live performances, especially song in its various forms, from Lieder through opera (where my taste is wide from Handel through Wagner to Britten) and operetta (e.g. Gilbert and Sullivan), with also some incursions into the earlier eras of musical theatre (e.g. Rodgers and Hammerstein). I enjoy singing (baritone) which has ranged from G&S chorus to choral with the odd minor principal role thrown in!

Having approached the stage mostly though opera, with the passage of time I have diversified into some straight plays (recently Dr. Faustus, Pygmalion and Antony & Cleopatra). I enjoy many older films; particularly classics from the golden age of Hollywood, but also some earlier material (even the odd silent!)

I enjoy making things -- which covers over a wide spectrum from set building for amateur opera where general idea and broad brush stokes are all that matters, through general DIY to making parts to repair antique clocks and pocket watches where the main pleasure is in spending the time needed to achieve perfection! I sometime also make furniture, but usually for the challenge; still trying to figure out why I felt I needed an inlaid semi-elliptical hall table...

The opposite side to me likes to be outside and far from urban areas and I particularly enjoy moderately challenging walking (but not technical climbing) in the UK and abroad and I've enjoyed spending holidays in many of the US National Parks walking and taking photographs.

I have also been known to engage in church bell ringing and Scottish country dancing!
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Basic Info
Marital Status Single
Has Children No
Would like children? Not sure
Hair Color None Selected
Height 6' 0'' (1.83m)
Religion Christian (Anglican)
Smokes No
Dietary Preferences No Restrictions
Star Sign Taurus
Orientation Straight
Heritage White
Education PhD
Eye Colour None Selected
Body Type Average
Politics None Selected
Drinks Social drinker
Like Animals Yes
Still work as a mathematician but in industry; avoids the problem of having to find my own research topics!
I always thought I would be an academic mathematician so followed a fairly convetional BA / masters / PhD route and somewhere along the way I even co-authored a book. At the end I decided academia wasn't for me!
Born in Liverpool, grew up on the Wirral and studied at Cambridge, then ended up being forced towards London to find a job.
Christian (Anglican) feel at ease with the traditional choral liturgy. I don't see any conflict with being a scientist.
Fairly conservative, but I like to analyse everything on its own merits
Average. Most of the photographs which I seem to have in which I feature seem to be from performances, so not really very suitable!
Languages Spoken:
Musical Instruments played:
Piano, Piano, Very badly - mostly a way of learning vocal lines! Wish I could play more (so does my poor piano!)
Music Enjoyed:
Choral, Classical, Opera and some Trad Jazz, I particularly enjoy song in all its forms from Lieder through Opera from a wide variety of composers; variety and breadth are important. This year I have heard and enjoyed work by Handel, Puccini, Verdi, Strauss, Mozart, Vaugh-Williams and Wagner! I also listening to the solo piano repertoire and some lighter works e.g. Victorian operetta
Sports and exercise:
I have proven hopeless at every form of sport that I have tried although I have enjoyed non-competitive sailing.
Interests and activities:
Acting, Concerts, Photography, Singing, Theatre, Walking, Very good at filling spare time with many interests. I am keen on practical work in both wood and metal. A recent example has been doing some restoration work on a Victorian harmonium. I like walking, but this is definitely something best enjoyed with company.
Animals and Pets:
I like cats and have looked after them for family while they have been away, but feel I'm out the house too long for it to be entirely fair on a feline companion.
Newspapers and magazines:
The Times
Agatha Christie, C. S. Lewis, Classic detective stories for holiday. Dorothy L. Sayers is a particular favourite. Might also throw in some Jane Austen or Nevil Shute.
Favourite Films:
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Casablanca, From Russia with Love, Kind Hearts and Coronets, Maltese Falcon, Star Wars
Enjoyable evening out:
Live Music, Theatre, There are lots of small scale opera productions happening in London and often the standard is very high and they are very enjoyable.
Favourite Dishes:
Lemongrass and ginger marinated chicken, Smoked Salmon, Steak and chips, Veal Escalope, Genuine omnivore, although I draw the line at puffer fish!
Ideal Holiday:
Driving across the US, Driving slowly around Ireland, Learning to paint in Provence
Caring, Eccentric, Intellectual, Practical, Reserved, Serious, Shy
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