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I'm 39 and from 'Employment' - , London (Greater) (UK)
I'm looking for a man
I'm interested in: Friends or Long Term Relationship
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Seeking wellies to keep mine company!
Looking for someone to share this crazy life with? Do you like dogs? Enjoy spending time with someone who has no hidden agenda? 3 questions to start - say Hello!
I have just re-joined the world of dating and very new to this website. I would like to make sure I give the best introduction to you about who I am, what I am looking for and what I am definitely not interested in. I would really enjoy some stimulating conversation, getting to know you and see where we go from there.
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Basic Info
Marital Status Separated
Has Children No
Would like children? No
Hair Color Dark Brown
Height 5' 7'' (1.7m)
Religion None Selected
Smokes No
Dietary Preferences No Restrictions
Star Sign Aries
Orientation Straight
Heritage Mixed/Multiple ethnic groups
Education None Selected
Eye Colour Brown
Body Type Homo Sapiens - of course!
Politics None Selected
Drinks Social drinker
Like Animals Animal Lover
I work for one of the many Royal Colleges.
Mish mash
2016/17 killed me
All necessary parts present, accounted for and fully functional.
Languages Spoken:
I am always trying to learn French......ALWAYS :)
Musical Instruments played:
It's probably better that I dont
Music Enjoyed:
80s music, 90s music and the odd gems that pop up on BBC 6 Music when I have time to kick back and listen
Sports and exercise:
Swimming - I am trying to get back into running - it's best to do this the low impact way right?
Interests and activities:
Apart from these things......Cooking, Countryside, Eating Out, Pubs, Reading, TV, Walking; as corny as it may sound I enjoy spending quality time with my significant other. I in no way mean that we are in each others pockets all the time, but having time to reconnect with each other is never wasted.
Animals and Pets:
Yes - the hound. She is a mix of Labrador and Irish Setter. She is my responsibility, my motivation, lovely natured, sociable but most of all she is my friend. FurNuala is her name - (There was a bottle of Merlot involved in the naming!) Anyway it made the vet laugh!!!
, Anne Rice, Terry Pratchett, Brian Lumley
Favourite Films:
Casablanca, Psycho, Reservoir Dogs, Terminator
Enjoyable evening out:
Restaurant, Pub, Wine bar, Live Music I used to really enjoy walking to the local country pub when I had a brief life in the country. The walk home under a full moon is a priceless experience (random bit of info: I always carry a torch ;)
Favourite Dishes:
Steak and chips
Ideal Holiday:
Driving round the South of France
In another life:
Me again!
Modest, Affectionate, Caring, Considerate, Extrovert, Friendly, Generous, Humorous, Independent, Loving, Reliable, Sociable, Thoughtful
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