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Guitar teacher
I'm 34 and from 'Bideford, North Devon' - Exeter, Devon, South West (UK)
I'm looking for a woman
I'm interested in: Romance or Long Term Relationship
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Weird, loving, creative, arty, not mundane, self c
Hi there. My name is Lez. I'm trying this site out for the first time so hopefully expecting some good things as I've heard a lot about it.

I'm a musician, guitar teacher, song writer (all music, vocals etc). Like poetry, lyrics, love drawing (mostly dark art/subliminal meanings etc), love making things (made a serial killer hand puppet and his victims for a music video me and my friend was doing). The styles of music I like are mostly extreme metal (death metal, black metal, technical death metal etc). But I pretty much listen to a bit of everything. Love playing metal on my guitars, but also like blues, jazz, classical, Spanish and exotic styles too.

Looking for a long term relationship with someone who is genuine, kind and loving. But most importantly someone that loves me for me, which appears to be impossible else where.

I know who and what I am when it comes to my sexuality. I'm highly sexually experienced, and desire to fulfill every fantasy, and everything I have yet to experience by ways of the flesh. I know this can be taboo with some, but I have come to accept my hedonistic nature, and my deviant side. However, I am strictly a one woman man, and I live by the rule of knowing where the limits are for a person. I'm not a monster, nor do I ever wish to be on my venture of exploring the flesh. Best quote for me would be "making love is the roughest sex you can imagine, with the most beautiful emotion attached to it, which ultimately means everything".

Hopefully you like my profile this will contact me, time will tell.
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Basic Info
Marital Status Single
Has Children No
Would like children? Not sure
Hair Color Changeable
Height 5' 10'' (1.78m)
Religion None Selected
Smokes Yes
Dietary Preferences No Restrictions
Star Sign Cancer
Orientation Straight
Heritage White
Education O Levels
Eye Colour Green
Body Type Homo Sapiens - of course!
Politics None Selected
Drinks No
Like Animals Animal Lover
I'm a guitar teacher, I live teaching music theory, and trying to explain to my students that it isn't thus big scary beast full of words that make no sense. Love what I do.
My educations not that great to be honest. Grade c in English, just 5 Mark's from a c in maths. Everything else isn't worth mentioning.
My heritage full blown English, White, dads from London, mums from Westward ho in North Devon. Strangely my dads got the thickest Devonshire accent now, and I have adopted the standardized english dialect, see what I did there.
My religious beliefs are, I'm an Omnist. Simply everything exists, all religions, all deities, all of which effect our lives, and pull and push us into specific paths that lead us all to where we are now, but I actively worship none of them. If you're confused by this belief, you're not the only ones, many fnd this a strange concept to comprehend.
I despise politics, not because I think it's all a monumental waste of time (which most if the time it seems to be), but purely because of how incredibly haunting it's become. I'm a labour man through and through, so our current government can go right to hell in my opinion.
So I'm 5,10. Work out every so often, bit bulky but not a proper muscle man. I have a bit of a gut which won't disappear but oh well. I have 10 tattoos, with plans on getting more. I currently have a stylised mohawk, and my hair will have a habit of changing colour.
Languages Spoken:
Just good old English
Musical Instruments played:
Drums, Guitar, Piano, Guitar, bass, keyboards, really rusty on drums, and can sing and scream.
Music Enjoyed:
Blues, Classical, Contemporary Classical, Folk, Gaelic, Heavy Rock, Opera, Swing, Also really like Spanish, exotic ambience, jazz, and extreme metal.
Sports and exercise:
Gym, Yep, that's it for sports
Interests and activities:
Art, Computer games, Cooking, Internet, Meditation, Painting, Reading, Singing, Theatre, Walking, Writing, And playing music, and guitar, regardless of its work or free time, love it.
Animals and Pets:
I currently have none, but I love animals. Owned such silly amount of cats that in order for me to put a number to how many would really take some time. Had a dog, she was lovely, owned 2 rats, they were awesome, and my sister has owned quite a lot of snakes.
Newspapers and magazines:
Yep, none of these.
Dean R Koontz, J K Rowling, J. R. R. Tolkien, Stephen King, Richard Laymond.
Favourite Films:
Carry on Nurse, ET, The Godfather, Psycho, Reservoir Dogs, Star Wars, Terminator, 2001, Loads more, but yet again, mystery.
Enjoyable evening out:
Art Gallery, Cinema, Restaurant, Live Music, Theatre, Yep, all these.
Favourite Dishes:
Chicken Tikka, A Chinese banquet, Handmade Pizza, Lemongrass and ginger marinated chicken, Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding, Steak and chips, So many more I could add, but I'll simply leave that in mystery.
Ideal Holiday:
Disneyland, Driving slowly around Ireland, Learning to paint in Provence, Lying on a beach in the Caribbean, Safari in Africa, Think all of those sum it up.
In another life:
Me again!, a cat, an artist, an author, a film director, a musician, Yep, pretty much all those.
Affectionate, Adventurous, Ambitious, Aware, Caring, Cheerful, Confident, Courageous, Considerate, Creative, Different, Dominant, Eccentric, Extrovert, Friendly, Generous, Humorous, Imaginative, Independent, Intellectual, Loving, Mad, Modest, Optimistic, Positive, Practical, Reliable, Reserved, Romantic, Sensitive, Sensual, Sentimental, Serious, Sociable, Strong, Strong willed, Thoughtful, Toleran
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