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Pensions Actuary
I'm 39 and from Crawley, Surrey, South East (UK)
I'm looking for a man
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All singing, all dancing....
I'd say that I'm a happy, easy-going, straightforward northern girl. I'm pretty good at being on my own and I get on and do all the things I want to do (stuff like travelling, moving 300 miles away from home to do the job I wanted to, even really crazy things like going to the cinema - by myself!) but I reckon it would be fun to have someone to share things with.

As I say, I'm originally from up north but after living down here since leaving uni I'm fully integrated with the southerners and can just about resist correcting people when they pronounce their words all wrong. My family are all up north but I'm still very close to them.

I live and work in Reigate, in Surrey, but due to the wonders of the British transport system, I am able to get into London without too much difficulty (Southern Trains permitting), so don't let that put you off. I work as an actuary, advising people who run company pension schemes. I worked hard to qualify a few years ago but work is definitely not the biggest thing in my life.

I sing with a ladies four-part harmony chorus and am the choreographer and team co-ordinator for the chorus. We've been to America twice to compete in international competitions and we were recently on BBC TV on Pitch Battle. I've also just started singing in a quartet. I've recently been doing a course at the gym, which involves up to four classes a week, but we've just broken up for summer. I've just started training for a local half marathon, which should keep my fitness levels up and I also do tap dance classes! I'm learning to play the drums, which I love (although my neighbours seem less keen...) and have recently started working towards my first grade exam.

I definitely like to experience what life has to offer (although saying that, I'm not averse to a night in on the sofa in front of the telly - that's one of the things life has to offer, right?) and I guess I'm just looking for someone to share all that with.

Hope to hear from you.
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Basic Info
Marital Status Single
Has Children No
Would like children? Yes
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5' 7'' (1.7m)
Religion None Selected
Smokes No
Dietary Preferences None Selected
Star Sign Taurus
Orientation Straight
Heritage White
Education Undergraduate Degree
Eye Colour Blue
Body Type Slim
Politics None Selected
Drinks Social drinker
Like Animals Yes
I work as a pensions actuary, advising the people who run occupational pension schemes. I worked hard to qualify but work is definitely not the main focus of my life. I am part of the management team at work, which I enjoy, as I get to help others to progress through their careers, as well as doing my usual, more technical work.
I studied maths at Durham University. After starting work, I studied to become a qualified Actuary, which took four and a half years.
I was born in Durham and grew up in Darlington, where my parents still live.
My religious background is Church of England, and I was confirmed in my teens, but haven't attended church for many years.
I have dark blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm quite slim - I've been upping my gym attendance this year so have a few more muscles under the surface but still have a few curves over the top, due to a love of good food.
Languages Spoken:
I studied French at GCSE but that was a long time ago now! I did a Spanish evening class for a year a while ago but can't remember much of that now either...
Musical Instruments played:
I have an acoustic drum kit in my dining room and have lessons once a week. I'm working towards my grade 3 exam.
Music Enjoyed:
Classical, Pop, 80s music, 90s music, Pop, 80s music, 90s music I like cheesy pop and love musicals. I sing in a women's four part harmony group, which is technically a barbershop chorus, but we sing a range of music. I've also recently started singing in a quartet, which is a new challenge and a lot of fun.
Sports and exercise:
Gym, Running, Gym, Running, I also really enjoy dancing and currently attend tap classes in term times.
Interests and activities:
Ballet, Collecting, Concerts, Eating Out, Friends, Internet, Reading, Shopping, Singing, Theatre, Travel, TV, Ballet, Collecting, Concerts, Cooking, Eating Out, Friends, Health and Fitness, Internet, Reading, Shopping, Singing, Theatre, Travel, I regularly go into London to see shows, mostly musicals. I have visited some amazing places on holiday - this year I'm going to Tasmania, via Hong Kong.
Animals and Pets:
I don't have any pets at the moment as I'm not at home enough to look after them properly.
Newspapers and magazines:
I'm lucky in that I live about 5 minutes drive from work, so I don't have a long commute. When I go into London I read the Standard or The Metro. I like to read magazines on holiday but don't tend to buy any regularly. I get my news via TV and the internet.
I have been known to read about a dozen books while lying on a sunbed on a fortnight's holiday. I love that I can take so many books now on my Kindle. I mostly read novels but also enjoy biographies. Every now and then I read a "classic".
Favourite Films:
I enjoy a variety of films and used to have a monthly cinema pass which I made good use of.
Enjoyable evening out:
Cinema, Restaurant, Pub, Musical, Theatre
Favourite Dishes:
I wouldn't say I'm the most adventurous eater - I'm not a big fan of spicy food or seafood, but I do try to continue to try things as my tastes have changed as I've got older. I really enjoy eating out and particularly like traditional English food, Chinese and Italian.
Ideal Holiday:
I like a relaxing holiday now and again but always make sure to see something of the country that I'm visiting. Recent holidays have included two trips to America with my singing group, where I combined a week of contest with a week of relaxation and exploring.
In another life:
I often stop and think how lucky I am to have the life I have. I have a great family and friends, good health, a job I enjoy and the time and resources to fill my free time with things I love. I therefore wouldn't really want to be anyone else. When I was little I would have liked to grow up to be in musicals, but I have managed to make opportunities to do this sort of thing in my spare time.
Adventurous, Independent, Positive, Aware, Caring, Cheerful, Confident, Considerate, Creative, Friendly, Generous, Humorous, Imaginative, Loving, Optimistic, Practical, Proactive, Reliable, Sociable, Strong willed. I'm quite organised and practical but also have a creative side. I'm open and friendly and very reliable and consci
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